Thursday, April 1, 2010

Puppies win over Angels!

So after reviewing both codex's more i'v decided i'll go with Space Wolves.

Couple reasons why....
  1. Love the Paint scheme, it will be a pleasure to not paint red and black models...
  2. I'v wanted to use Njal sense i read his rules, and while my list wont initially have him Ragnar seems powerful as well.
  3. I love customizing characters, while my initial list doesn't have any beyond the wolf guard the army really lets you go to town and im sure i cant work them in later or at different point values.
  4. Terminators are cool, but rarely cost effective.  While im not about to say Wolf Termies are cost effective, because they can easily be far more points then a standard termie with similar equipment, the wolves make it easier to bring "some" termies without investing mad points necessarily.  My intial force does have a lot of them though, but this is more for future lists.
  5. While many of the wolf rules are copies of SM rules with different names, and some of their units are arguably worse then the SM counterpart, many of them are simply more focused on one thing or another and are less all rounders.  For instance Skyclaws, they're worse at shooting their pistols, worse at hitting low WS combatants, but gain an extra attack on the charge which is arguably better then the two minuses put together.
  6. I already have a good bit of space wolf models, as you'll see below.  Including a now OOP wolf dreadnought.
  7. A freind of mine has a paint Logan Grimnar i will be using, so no need to buy or paint him.
  8. Another freind of mine has two battleforces worth of Grey Hunters, Scouts, and long fangs he doesnt want, on top of getting it all for a mere 50 bucks....while i dont NEED the lot of it for my list Njal alone would be 20 bucks from GW and most of my models are not wolves entirely, many of them just have wolf bits.  So for 30 more bucks how can i possibly pass that up?

Here's some pics of my current reservoir of Marine models that some how made their way to me from various sources over the many years i played.

One of my freinds from back in the day had a great time tormenting his dark really not sure why...

Here's the winner of "Most in need of Paint stripping"...though as you can see the competition was steep...

Here's the wolf dreadnought.

Here's a single model i cleaned up and began practicing the Space Wolf paint scheme on, he's not done but im glad i could at least get the color right.  I ended up using a 1 : 1 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves grey, it gives the dark blue tint but then lightens it up a bunch.  It will then  be highlighted with pure space wolves grey.

So lastly my list....i want to shoot for a 1750 list atm, i prefer 2000 battles but a lot of people still dont so 1750 is a good inbetween size that i find most people ready for...the problem now is that my original force idea didn't include the fact that you have to PAY 25 more points for Njal to wear Termie now i need to shave points or change things a lot.

  • Logan Grimnar
  • Njal StormCaller
    • Termie Armor
  • Dreadnought
    • Multi Melta
    • Drop Pod
  • Wolf Guard
    • 5 Members
    • Termie Armor
      • PW/Shield
      • Claw/Shield
      • SB/TH
      • Claw/Claw
      • CombiMelta/Frost
    • Drop Pod
  • Wolf Guard
    • 4 Members
    • Termie Armor
      • SB/PW
      • SB/PF
      • PW/Shield
      • TH/CombiMelta
    • Drop Pod
  • Grey Hunters
    • 10 Members
      • Melta Gun
      • Plasma Gun
    • Drop Pod
  • Grey Hunters
    • 5 Members
      • Melta Gun
    • Drop Pod
  • Grey Hunters
    • 5 Members
      • Melta Gun
    • Drop Pod
Heavy Support
  • Long Fangs
    • 5 Long Fangs
      • 5 Multi Melta's
    • 1 Squad Leader
    • Drop Pod

So the General Idea is first turn this comes in:
  • Logan W/ Long Fangs in pod, Logan gives them Relentless.
    • Blasts two Vehicles
    • Logan provides protection with his 4+ Inv save and Eternal warrior
    • Logan can either break away on turn 2 and assault or join another unit or stay with them as needed.
  • Wolf Guard 5 man unit
    • Blasts a vehicle with the combi melta
  • Wolf Guard 4 man unit W/ Njal Stormcaller
    • Blasts a vehicle with combi melta and psychic ability depending on whats there
    • Njal provides all kinds of support with his Runic weapon and storm ability
  • Dreadnought
    • Blasts a vehicle
the storm bolters of the drop pods will pick at what they can, but otherwise all targeting preference will be on AP 2 weaponry like Demo cannons ect.  I believe i have enough to ensure this stuff dies.

The 10 man grey hunters will probably support the front line when they come in, while the 2 5 man grey hunters will have their pods bound for objectives.

There are 2 MAJOR issues with the list.
  • Enemies reserve their whole force
    • in this case i would deploy the grey hunters on their targets, along with the dreadnought.  Then i would pray the rest of my stuff comes in better then the enemies...overall this sucks and is really irritating as it crushes the whole theme of the list.
  • Mystics
    • I know nearly everyone complains about mystics, and rightly so as allies they are very over poweringly useful and can with skilled placement and backup literraly disable a list like mine.  Overall im just not gonna care about them, ill do my best should this day come but using a Mystic allie is very power gamer so if you really need to win that bad fine but ill bring my guard next time =)

WHEW that was a long post, if your still reading give me some input on whatever...while i wont post up point values if you have a recommendation for shaving 25 points from my list i would greatly appreciate it to!  Otherwise chances are the 10 man hunter squad will go to 8 man....


  1. All pods, eh?

    Relentless Long-fangs sounds are certainly good, the all-pod army is going to be very luck-of-the draw. Typically, a player with any experience is going to skip deployment so they get to react to you, and if they win the die roll, they'll make you go first as well...

    The fact that one of your weaknesses is a standard tactic that any army can use (except demons or another podding list), is pretty devastating.

    I think you'll have a fair bit of fun with the list, but I don't think it's super competitive.

    For altarnatives in shaving points:
    1) Remove Terminator armor for Njal. Does it really help that much? (Don't know... no codex available)
    2) Remove a long fang. Are 5 close-range multi-meltas that much more effective than 4?

  2. grr... alternatives... how did I misspell that?

  3. well Njal must have the armor...the model is awesome! points wise it gives him a 4+ inv save, instead of a 5+ save against psychic attacks so its worth it there too.

    i considered the fangs, but really when they drop down 3 will target the nastiest thing out there, alla demolisher tank ect. that way luck be damned it will be at least shaken! the other 2 can fire at an alternative target and should still have success.

    After toying with it though i actually came up with a decent idea, basically the 10 man hunters become a 6 man wolf guard. 1 with termie armor, 1 combi melta, 1 combi plasma. They lack close combat anti armor which is annoying...but i just dont have the points for it unless i wack em down to 5 man....

    trust me i fully understand the problem with all pods, but again this isnt meant to be a tournament army so its ok if they have a weakness =)

  4. Great! Leave the Blood Angels to me, since I have 5+ boxes of assault troops in my attic that I can build. When are you going to come out to palmer and game with us?

  5. congrats on the choice... Wolves are better than vampires any day.... ;-)

    Like the test mini... I think the army will come out nice...

    Also, love the "wounded" marines...

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