Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grey Hunters painted

So i'v finished the paint job's on my grey hunter's.  I choose them first because while cool i wanted more practice with the paint scheme before i moved on to the terminators and lastly my HQ's.

Overall i think it came out well, they look great from game distances (so like 2 feet away) and still look pretty darn good close up, though that depends on your personal taste i suppose.  I favor a dirty well used look to my paint jobs, not only is it easier....which i won't lie is a big plus in my book, but for me anyone going to war isn't going to be sporting prestinly perfect armor.  I'm no amazing painter, after all this time iv picked up a good few tricks and tips, but most of mine focus on getting the miniature playing quality quickly instead of being microscope quality.

Anyway take a look, click the pics for big versions.

I also managed to get another game in with them this week despite our local friday spot being closed, and man was it a fun one.

My list was the same as before, 1750 points so no Ragnar nonsense.

My opponent played Tyranids:
HQ Tervigon w/ big crab claws and toxin, adrenalin ect. the works....
Troop Tervigon w/same
Troop Tervigon w/same
20 Termigaunts (i think, might have been 24)
20 Termigaunts
3 Zoanathrope squad
Doom of Malanti
3 Hive Guard

He gave me 1st turn, we were playing table sides with 5 objectives that we placed in a plus sign of sorts on the table(sorry no pics).

So initially i was concerned....Mawlocs are gonna be brutal against my termies, Zoans are good against them, Malanti is good against them....even Tervigons can do some damage with all the upgrades they had.  But i was glad to be fighting a challenging list none the less, and i knew my opponent was a skilled player too so it was gonna be fun for sure.

I deployed nothing, with one objective 12 inches from my board edge i figured i would capture it with my rhino squad at some point later and the rest is in drop pods.  My opponent decided to deploy nothing as here it was, the big gotcha of a drop pod list!

So turn 1, i had to drop 3 pods.  I thought about dropping in my back field and shooting at them as they advanced....but really my shooting is quite weak at range as its mostly storm bolters and melta stuff and with so many tervigons pumping out babies on their way to me the horde situation could be bad.  So i decided that Russ would be pissed if i did that, so i deployed Logan/long Fangs, the dreadnought, and Njal's unit about 12 inches from the nid board edge in the middle of the board.

his turn 1 was obviously non existent.

Turn 2 i got in both other pods but not the rhino, they came down with the termie wolf guard close to the nid board edge and the power armor near the middle of the map, so they could adjust and possibly take an objective if the nids broke through the termie wall too slowly.  Logan left the long fangs and joined the Termies, giving them preferred enemy.

His Turn 2 a Troop Tervigon, a mass squad of Termigaunts, Doom of Malanti, his Hive Guard and both Mawlocs came on.  His Mawlocs tried to deep strike onto the termies, and the long fangs, with only the long fangs taking a good hit and losing 3 of them and their leader.  The rest came on in the middle ready to assault.  Doom managed to get both Logan and Njal's unit in his range, but i passed both checks without issue so he shot in and killed nothing.  The Termigaunts assaulted Njal's unit, given both Toxin Sacs and Adrenalin glands from the local Tervigon they were a force to be reckoned with.  They tore down only one terminator though, and lost quite a few in return both to our attacks and the subsequent fearless resolution wounds.  The Hive guard Managed to stun the dreadnought despite Njal's -1 BS storm raging.

My turn 3 Logan and his unit headed forward and threw a few bolter rounds into the hive guard, the rhino still stayed out. The long fangs threw a few shots into the mawloc that decimated them, and the wolf guard in power armor threw some random shots into the other one, i thought about assaulting it but my power armor wolf guard lack power weapons or power fists so they decided not to...i think i might change that.  the Doom's pulse affected the same two units again, but again they both passed their tests.  In Assault Logans unit assaulted the guard and included Doom as well, Logan smashed doom in with all power fist attacks and the termies took care of the hive guard.  Njal and his unit finished off the termigaunts they were in combat with as well.

Nid turn 3 saw another troop choice Tervigon come in, the other mass Termigaunt squad, and the Zoanathropes, leaving only the HQ Tervigon still in reserve.  The tervigon tried giving himself feel no pain, but Njal had his say and it didnt work.  One of the Mawlocs went back underground while the other waited to finish what it started with the long fangs.  the Zonathropes came in behind a building and did nothing.  The intial Tervigon that came on made something like 7 babies and broke his baby maker, angry he charged Njal's unit and his babies joined the mass blob of termigaunts that just came in, as well as the new Tervigon in assaulting Logan's unit.  It didnt look good for i trumpeted his horn of OMG DO BETTER and gave my units their +1 attack.  Boy was it bloody....Logan himself smashed 7 gaunts into the ground, the Termies added another 6 with the power fist and thunder hammer being dragged down before being able to attack.  In the end it was only logan left with only 1 wound left. But he still won the combat, so a whole ton of the gaunts died to fearless wounds and even the tervigon took a few wounds.  Njal and his unit lost two Termies but managed to beat the Tervigon down to 1 wound, then it failed a save against its extra fearless wounds and died!

My turn 4, the rhino showed up and just drove up to park on the objective as planned.  The mawloc that stayed had forgotten to assault so we shot it up a few times and managed a wound or two with various types of bolters.  Njal moved over to assault the gaunt squad still swarming Logan and the dreadnought now unstunned move to assault the Tervigon in combat with Logan as well.  In Assault logan smashed more gaunts, Njal and his boys did as well.  The Termigaunts however pulled Logan down finally.  The Tervigon and the dreadnought went at it, the dreadnought wounding it a couple times and the Tervigon managing some crappy armor pen rolls did nothing in return.  Again we won combat by a lot and all but 3 of gaunts died to fearless rolls, but then the Tervigon succumbed to fearless wounds and died killing off the remaining guants in his death screams.

Nid turn 4 brought the mawloc back, but it scattered and only hit one termie in Njal's unit but killed it.  The Zoan's shot at Njal but he negated 2 of their attacks and the third saved on a storm shield.  In Assault the mawloc that had been loitering near the remains of my long fangs assaulted them, took a wound from the termie armored guard with wolf claw in the process but wiped them out.  The last HQ Tervigon came on and assaulted Njal's unit, it killed a Termie and took a good 4 wounds itself, taking another to a failed fearless wound at the end.

In my turn 5 my Dice decided it was time for the game to be officially over, so the drop pods shot down the mawloc that killed the long fangs with storm bolters and a little help from the power armored wolf guard bolters.  The remaining pods put two more wounds on the other mawloc leaving it with 2 left.  The dreadnought moved over to the Zoan's and smashed one with a multi melta hit, he then assaulted them and managed nothing thanks to their saves.  But in what was surely the craziest bit ever Njal's bird, took its S3 attacks against the Tervigon and pecked out its eye taking its last wound before anyone else struck!

I currently had 3 objectives, and my opponent had no troops and only a mawloc and the engaged zoan's (Which had no chance of ever winning against the dreadnought in melee) so we called it.

Man what a bloody battle this was, and i wished i had my was SUPER fun because it truly was back and forth at times.  Luck was on my side for a good bit of it there at the end, and i was very pleased with my Terminators for surviving what they did and not going by their classic roll all 1's issue, even if only a single one survived to the end they did well overall.


  1. Pray tell, was that game vs. Danny again?

  2. yeah he was the only one that showed up

  3. I'd have figured his allegiance to other stores would make his skin burn upon entering that one. Shows what I know!

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