Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angels Vs Puppies Batrep

Finally got to take my wolves list for a spin today at the local comic shop, and low and behold i got to face off against blood angels!

My list was:

Njal w/Termie armor
5 Wolf Guard in Termie armor
4 Wolf Guard in Termie armor (w/ Njal)
6 Wolf Guard only 1 with Termie armor and Assault Cannon
7 Grey Hunters (one of the power armored wolf guard above joined them, with a PF)
6 Long Fangs
Dreadnought W/MM and HF
5 Drop pods, and 1 Rhino(grey hunters)

The Wolf guard had all kinds of random equipment, see one of my earlier posts for a more in depth list.  Now my opponent had a 2k force he wanted to run, so i needed another 250 points...i didnt bring the models but i did have a couple i added Ragnar why not!

Blood angels:

25 Death Company W/jump packs, lots of power weapons and a few thunder hammers
5 Death Company Dreadnoughts W/Blood talons and a  single Magna Grapple scoring units, he said he wins by wiping you out.  We naturally rolled a 5 objective mission =)

He gave me first turn and i deployed my Rhino w/ Grey hunters 12 inch's out in the middle with the rest in reserve.

He deployed the death company blob in the west, 3 dreadnoughts in the middle, and 2 in the east.

on first turn i brought in the long fangs, w/ Grimnar and Ragnar, Njal and his guard, and the 5 Guard termies.  I brought them all down on the 2 lone dreadnoughts and put both into the ground in shooting.  My Rhino pushed straight forward and toward the deathcompany and popped smoke.

In his turn the 3 dreadnoughts in middle headed off toward my line but couldn't make assault range even with fleet.  The death company were forced to follow my orders and Raged toward the rhino in the middle, sanguinar decided to follow along. (click the picture for a much bigger version, and YES i do not yet own drop pods so the soda/beer are their stand ins =()

On Turn 2 i got both my other drop pods in, Logan swapped over to the guard squad with the assault cannon and gave them tank hunter.  I dropped 2 of the 3 dreadnoughts with the other making its cover saves.  My Rhino made haste to the board edge and away from my formation being sure to keep it's self the closest target to the death company.

The one surviving dreadnought made all speed for my line and wiped out the long fangs easily in assault.  My Trolling technique was working great and the death blob followed my rhino ever further away, they did assault but only managed to shake and immobolize the rhino.

Turn 3 i brought the last dreadnought down and began preping for the death company to come my way.  My grey hunters got out, killed a death company in shooting and assaulted them.  I managed another kill before the squad was wiped out, but because i had assaulted them they were unable to attack the rhino.....

In his turn he had only the blob and Sanguinar, the blob had to stay and rage against my rhino so Sanguinar also stayed, they blew it up and lost 2 men to the explosion.

Turn 4 was spent shooting a little at the death company and getting into position to attack them. 

His turn was spent moving toward me as well.

Turn 5 i let ragnar break ranks and charge them even though i knew he wouldnt have assault range and would die.

His Turn 5 he shot at and killed ragnar with bolt pistols....but that denied him the charge.  He also lost a few men to Tempests wrath. He did manage to assault the non termie wolf guard unit with Sanguinar, Logan who was attached had given them preferred enemy.  The end result was that he threw all attacks against logan and wounded him once(after saves), the wolf guard wounded him once, and Logan finished him off with power fist attacks.

Turn 6 we shot up a few random men, then Logan sounded his horn and his unit plus the dreadnought assaulted.  The end result was 2 wolf guard died and the death company were wiped out.  With no remaining units he was tabled.

I was very happy with my force, Ragnar was uneeded of course and sorta unplanned.  I dont think i would take him again in this force, or maybe i would i did basically throw him away lol.  The Angels all death company list was interesting but really easy to play around there really wasnt any point where i was sweating.


  1. Thanks for the Batrep... Shame the Long Fangs couldn't stay in longer... they would have rained a ton of ugly on the jumpies....

  2. Looks like a "by the numbers" way of dealing with that list. Well played.

    For the 250 jump next time... maybe 2 more drop-Dreads or a slew of Speeders?

  3. Perhaps, i've got a slew of marines on hand as well. i kinda want to avoid buying more drop pods so i was thinking perhaps a speeder (i have a typhoon already from days past), another long fangs pack with missiles to walk on, and another wolf guard squad in power armor.

    The wolf guard in power armor really impressed me, at 4 attacks on the charge for a mere 3 extra points each over grey hunters, they aren't half bad. Backed up by a character or some sort of power fist i think they're a great choice, even more so with Logan.