Tuesday, October 26, 2010

40k Combat Patrol: Wrapup

Well the Combat Patrol has come and gone, i wrestled my way to a 3rd place spot overall and managed to come away with Best appearance trophy which was a nice surprise given that while i'm not a terrible painter i would call myself a "looks for any loophole" painter.....that is to say i don't go the extra mile unless it's 100% worth it, and black wash is myfreind =)

Overall i had a great time at the tournie for sure, everyone was chill as usual with only a few exceptions that weren't that big a deal.  My list is below and i'll go ahead and give some post tournie thoughts on their performance, followed by a quick and dirty of the 6 games.

5 Man Grey Hunters w/Flamer 
5 Man Grey Hunters w/Flamer

These guys did what they were supposed to do, better then average space marines in close combat and at medium to close range.  Given that most of my army was much more threatening they didn't get shot at much overall.

Friday, October 22, 2010

40k Combat Patrol: Ready2Drop

I am finished with all prep work for this Saturday's Combat Patrol Tournie.  After a lot of consideration i finally settled on the list below, i also discovered upon entering it in Excel that i in fact had 10 points to spare.....not sure how that came about but i tripled checked all my numbers and in deed i had a dime to spend.  More about the changes after the list.

Feel free to click the pics for some seriously big versions.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mulling it over: 40k Combat Patrol

Life's been pretty hellishly busy lately with college, work, pregnant wife, and of course...3 year old.  What little time i have had for gaming iv spent either on Halo or Warmachine, so with a combat patrol tournament just 2 weeks away im well behind the curve.

Traditionally i like to get lots of practice with a force and fine tune it the way i want, but so far iv only played a measly 4 games with the force i drew up nearly a month ago.  Firstly for those who are wondering what a combat patrol tournament is, check out Adepticon's website for the rules:

Please if you dont know the restrictions in place for this go read them, they're quite extensive.