Monday, April 12, 2010

Apocalypse Rehashed

So our recent Apoc game came and went this last weekend.  Feel free to see the last post on my army comp ect.  Otherwise ill just rehash how it went with some lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here's my army first of all:

I ended up deciding i would taste a little of what the dark side had to offer and was defected to the Evil team, which once the teams were settled seemed a good plan as our teams superheavies consisted of no less then:
1. Emperor Class Titan (the 4000 point one...)
1. Reaver Titan
1. Warlord Titan
2. Heirophant Bio-Titans
3. BaneBlades
1. Brass Scorpion
1. Hellhammer
1. Squigoth
1. Super ZZZZAAAPP gun

The good guys had:
1. Paladin class titan (smaller then warhound?)
1. Warhound titan
3. Baneblades
1. Hellhammer

Given the above....things look good, if very unbalanced in the Strength D weaponry department.

We were going second, and i had my choice of a rock maze that blocked all kinds of LOS for my Blades, or a wide open field.  We decided to hold the field and my force was a sort of "defence" force for the emperor titan.

Some Highlights of the setup would be our Khorne Player knowing full well he was going second, but lining his marines up right at the gunline ready to rush forward if they lived.

Eventually the battle disolved into a massive Cluster.....  Here's some pictures of the mess.

Bugs in the city!

A massive flank marching dreadnought legion meets genestealers.

what was left over around turn 2 of  a massive land raider block.

there seemed to be a locator beacon buried behind my guys....the sentinels had great fun just dumping plasma into the spot though.

The wolf player was quite surprised when my penal legion managed 5 rending wounds on him....

Da Ork's is Landed

Overall the game was fun, i only lost a single whole unit which was one baneblade that died to Hammerblow before the game really started....  I killed a good amount but ended up with most of my force being kinda blocking from either the massive LOS blocking clifs or the emperor's legs.  The other half of my force, my IG assault Wing didnt do much of anything because the game ended on turn was there plan to drop to the ground turn 4 and assault that turn while holding an objective with the 2 units of vets so that was a big bummer.

In the end we called it on turn 3 like i said, the good guys managed to hold a single objective after 3 of the marines made a 6+ go to ground save against my Baneblade.  When you end on turn 3 its really hard to say anyone won, we simply had no time to deal with it.  I dont really enjoy just dukeing it out for 3 turns and then being done, i like to fully resolve the narrative and at least give the units i had planned to use a chance to do their thing.


  1. Cool Battle
    Cant wait to get enough points for apocalypse

  2. I agree that it sucks to end a game early, but I had been up entirely too long and was ready to call it a night. When people ask me how the game went, I always start with "They won, but..." and then proceed to tell them that the first three turns of any game are really more about beating your opponent senseless, and the last 2-4 you try to cover the objectives...

    I think it makes me look like an arse. Whatever the case, congratz to the un-titaned team.

    Are those pics from your phone?

  3. nah they're from our old camera, you can click em for super huge versions.

    i dont care about win/loss really, it was the inability to actually use a large part of my force that kinda burned me about it.

  4. Yeah, 3 turns is kind of rough, since I only had 3 models on the board for the first turn. Oh well, we'll just have to work harder to get the games to go more quickly/smoothly in the future.