Thursday, April 22, 2010

Puppies List

Had my first loss today with the puppies, while i certainly look back and see a few choices made that could have helped, lady luck was most certainly against me.

  From Logan falling to 3 wounds his Inv. save just didn't like in the first round of combat before even getting to attack, to both terminators squads that were attempting to come help taking a full 2 turns to move 12 inchs through difficult terrain (thats 12 total including assaults, both units rolled 1's and 2's both turns for move and assault).  My opponent on the other hand was on fire, with Dante making 6 inv. saves against power fist hits that would insta kill him in one turn and scattering a plasma cannon shot from its target into melee causing only hits on me....for examples, oh i could bitch on and on but lessons learned and i knew bad luck would be devastating on a small elite force.

It did get me motivated to actually draw up a good 2k force, instead of just throwing in Ragnar haphazardly.  I also tried to streamline my 1750 force a bit more, so please take a look and let me know what you think.  Again though my wolves are meant to be fun first, tournament math hammered second.


  • Logan Grimnar
  • Njal StormCaller W/Termie Armor
  • 5 Man Wolf Guard in Termie armor
    • 2 Storm Shields
    • Power fist
    • Thunder Hammer
    • Combi-Melta
    • Double Claw
    • Claw
  • 4 Man Wolf Guard in Termie Armor
    • 1 Shield
    • Claw
    • Power Fist
    • Thunder Hammer
  • 7 Man Wolf Guard in Power Armor
    • Thunder Hammer
    • Combi-Melta
      • 1 Termie armor W/Assault Cannon/Claw
      • 1 W/Power fist being sent to Grey Hunters
  • 5 Man Grey Hunter Squad
    • Melta Gun
  • 6 Man Long Fangs
    • 5 Multi Melta's
  • Dreadnought W/Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer
All Drop Poding, 6 pods total

The Main difference is the wolf guard, im leaving the Termie with assault cannon and claw in the unit, and adding a Thunder hammer.  This gives them the ability to deal with everything instead of making them this wacky little anti bad armor saves guys.  I have 5 points left over, which i can give out as melta bombs to some one.

For my 2k version i take all the above minus the random melta bombs, and add in.
  • Rune Priest W/Chooser/Living Lighting/Jaws
  • 5 Man Wolf Guard in Power armor
    • Power Fist
They also have a drop pod.

This puts me at 7 Pods, im nearly done painting my first pod and trust me, this fact PAINS me....but 7 pods means i can drop 4 on turn 1 which is very cool and having one unit in a rhino was just bizarre.  The Rune Priest goes with them, he provides both close combat help with his force weapon and ranged support with his powers, as well as another 24 inch bubble to challenge opponents psychic powers or to double challenge them if Njal is also near by.  this also gives me 5 scoring units which is very nice.

Some Alternatives i had drawn up were
  • Wolf Lord
    • ThunderWolf Mount
    • Power Fist
    • Storm Shield
    • Saga of the Warrior Born
    • Runic Armor
This guy just sounds fun, he's a beast and while it would arguably better to give him Saga of the Bear, i really wanna get someone with Warrior Born in there somewhere.  The other big bonus is his movement ability, as Cavalry he's able to move 6, fleet d6, and assault 12 meaning that he could very quickly assist where needed and could easily keep that Warrior Born Tally going.  I was torn between a Frost weapon and the power fist, because the power fist wastes his I5....and would be Strength 6 on a wolf.  The power fist though is Strength 10 on the wolf making it uber for insta killing the exact same price.

  • 10 Man Wolf Guard in Power Armor
    • Power Fist
    • Power weapon
    • Combi-Melta
Again in a drop pod, brining me to 7 pods.  The appeal here is that its a large unit, something i dont have right now.

Lastly i thought about adding say Wolf Scouts or a Lone Wolf, both of which are very cool units and will eventually make their way into my armies in the future...

I worry that perhaps my squad sizes are too small and i should stop trying for more and focus on bulk.  Certainly kill point missions will be interesting with all these units plus drop pods available, but i refuse to subscribe to the idea that my pods are free kill points.  At Armor 12 even open topped isn't super easy to take down without the right weapons, and if those weapons are firing at drop pods their not shooting my troops.  In a normal force where only a single unit is drop poding, i can understand this notion of free kill points, but in a force of nothing but drop pods my enemy can either waste time attacking the pods or focus on the wolves that are raining from the sky in their face.

lord though....7 pods to paint...............sad face


  1. Hey no value judgement here (since Internet does not allow for tone) but what happens when I keep my force in Reserve? Looks really strong if you're able to close the distance between your force and your opponents... But I would completely make you put down half those drops on T1 then come in and try to kite you all game.... since you're really ugly at under 24"
    **That being said, I've not played against this sort of force before... So take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.... ***

  2. If my opponent reserves it all, which has happened once already, i drop the Grey Hunters, Njal and his Termies, the Dreadnought, and in 2k games the power armored wolf Guard with Rune Priest.

    This leave Login and the Long fangs, 5 Man termie squad, and the power armored wolf guard with Assault cannon termie.

    I would drop most of it mid field on your side of the board, though the grey hunters would drop on or near an objective if there were objectives. This way the force is no more then a turn or two away from either side of the board.

    When your forces come in ill harrass them with my remaining drop pods and attempt to gimp any transport you might have.

    It's not "ideal" but it isnt instant win for you either, about the only time this really puts me at a disadvantage would be in a Kill Point scenario against a mobile super shooty army. When objectives are involved my force has enough protection behind it to weather a normal amount of shooting if your force is coming in piecemeal from reserve and thus wasting lots of shooting time.

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  4. That seems like a solid list.
    I really need some practice against drop pod armies, and this one looks like a tough one.

    I would have to reserve my army against that kind of tactic I think and hope that I can get some good positioning, with 3 deep striking units(that can re-roll the scatter if need be) and 5 outflankers I could cover some area, but you would have to do poorly on your saves for me to get any head way.

    I am surprised you don't have any wolf cavalry, but then if you are going all drop pod it makes sense.