Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bug's, T-Fex Vs Carni

So the question i am wondering is....TyranoFex or CarniFex for Tyranid Heavy Support/Heavy Tank busting?  I would bring 1 Trygon already, but would rather not spam them even though i think they're pretty awesome for the points.  Mawlocs don't impress me much, Old one eye is poop, and Biovore's are good but probably not something i want for lots of little reasons.  So two HS slots are open......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Status Update, Puppies

After a brief obsession over the monster hunter game i have recently been back at work with my wolves.

  I set out to paint up my 15 terminators, and would call myself about 60% done.  Basecoating is done, the whole model received a blackwash, the shoulder pads got their final yellow color and the runes have been filled in.  I still need to do all of their armor the right color, i need to retouch everything with a ruin as their so small theirs plenty of excess paint spilled from their sides, some other details like gems and eyes and transfer, and once those steps are done comes highlighting then basing which i do last.

Their bases now have random stuff on them, but what they dont have is the mix of black/grey pebble material, smattering of tan grass, and snow that will basically cover them only showing the items on their now a bit.