Sunday, March 28, 2010

Puppies or Angels?

So i have tons of extra marine models sitting around, literally around 50 standard marines, maybe 10-15 jump marines, couple bikes, speeder, rhino, 2-3 dreadnoughts.... loads of random.

Because of this i'v always known i would start up a marine army, and i wanted it to be a CC army to provide a different playstyle from my Guard and to compliment them in Apoc games.  Plus the price to start up a new force would be lessened by the amount of models i already had.  I dont really intend on them being my tournament list, so im not keen about math hammering out the best possible list.....but i like winning too so its important whatever force i do build is at least capable against most opponents.

But the question is what chapter, Wolves and Blood Angel came to mind and as of next week both have a new codex.

+ Awsome color scheme, love it
+ Cool amount of character and customization
+ Possibility to be VERY cheap money wise

- Not the best rules.. many of their items are just renamed SM wargear
- No CC dreadnought really annoys me, i love the ironclad
- Overall they seem to be high cost with less overall gain then other codex's

Blood Angels:
+ Awsome rules so far as i've seen, lots of FNP and mobility are important to melee, theirs just loads of interesting things in there.
+ Fantastic models, Wolves arent bad...but the Sanguinary Guard are pretty amazing
+ Loads of Dreadnought options, even crazy stuff like Librarian and magna harpoon or whatever!

- My guard are black clothing with red armor....i REALLY dont want to paint more red and black stuff
- higher start up cost, i dont imagine my 40+ standard marines will get used much in a BA list

Now i obviously have only looked at the BA codex in store, so if you have more info feel free to post about it.  If you have cool ideas for Wolves that i might not have heard of post that too!


  1. Follow Kris' path! Wolfwing FTW!!! Because you know you love termies...

  2. I would go space wolves, since you don't want to paint more red. I know the feeling, since my 1st army was BA. That is why I went with grays for my Guard.

    Also, my BA pre-codex builds are not including many tactical squads. Too many bolt pistols and ccw's.

    Grey hunters are great, but bloodclaws are great assault units in their own right. Having tactical squads with counter assault sounds better than the randomness of red thirst anyway.

  3. I have to put in for Wolves also, but only because I'm a Wolf player. Which would you want... emo-angsty vampire pretty boys or SPACE VIKINGS!!!

    Honestly, what are the majority of your Marines armed with? If it's BP/CCW, then BA might be the way to go as Assault Squads seem their best core choice. But if the guys are packing a bunch of Bolters, then you'd be better off speccing them as Grey Hunters and going Wolves.

  4. @Jeff yeah i would probably go a sort of wolf wing build, my friend has a very well painted Logan he told me i should use and he would be proud if i used but i would probably still include a good amount of grey hunters because i have the models (and theyre good)

    @Fox I do enjoy their rules, im saying wolves are bad i just dont see as many OMG THATS AWSOMES in the book, and some of the stuff is kinda 10 instead of 12 man drop pods ???!

    @Dverning you have a great point, i am way more psyched to play vikings then edward collin' wife loves those books.... Most of the marines are bolters, and honestly the assault marines could just have their packs taken off and be grey hunters too if i attached bolters to their backs sense grey hunters have BP/CCW too....

    hmmm, any cool unit combos you guys know of? I have a psedo list already built but id love to hear more ideas.

  5. I think it would be too early to judge which codex will better fit what you want out of the models. Wait a month after the official BA release and than start considering.

  6. I'd second the vote to copy Kris, but that doesn't mean I'm voting for the puppies. Kris' army is Relictors, which don't have a codex, so he'll be happy using them as "Counts as" for any codex he pleases.

    While I'm not a big fan of people switching their army's allegiance (codex) every time a new book comes out, it makes good sense. By going with a generic chapter, he can use them as either of the two options, and very easily substitute them as Black Templars, Dark Angels, or whatever the next codex is that comes out.

    Going with a home-made (or simply lesser known) chapter will give you some freedom in the scheme, as well as your codex. If Ultramarines weren't just better than every other space marine chapter (in all ways except ruleset), I might do the same.

    But I'm tied to the varsity team now...