Monday, March 1, 2010

Sentinel Conversion Project V

Sorry for the long delay, its been nuts around here sense i got back from LA and while iv gotten a lot done i haven't really sat down to write it up and take pictures ect.

So i wanted to use these guys in a 1750 Tournie coming up on the 18th.  Because of that i needed to get a squad of 3 done, and so i have.  They are Primed and just beginning to be painted.

you can see a few of the finished bits, and im sorry they're not as easy to see now that they're completely black...but the rivets from green stuff turned out really well once i used a mechanic pencil tip to form them.  The guns still allude me in terms of making them look easy to handle and aim.  I changed em a bit by putting a handle at the front giving the model an extra half inch reach to it, this helped a bit but i may go back and make the handle on top instead...but we'll see.  not to mention i still need to create other variant weapons besides just the plasma cannons.  (they'll wield plasma in the Tournie though so for now its ok)

I made the middle guy a sergeant of sorts, and he's easily my favorite.  I worked on these at a freinds house and when i got to the point where i was ready to glue him into position i said "damn i wanted him with one leg on a big rock..."  living in Alaska, there are no easily accessible rocks this time of year... so I went with the next best thing  =)

Im not 100% on my paint job either for them, chances are they will remain mostly black which is what my tanks are.  But with some accent red and white stripes perhaps, combined with white lettering.  Any suggestions are welcome of course.

I actually used the squad on Friday, against my good friend Rob over at Warhammer 39999.  It's the second time iv used plasma armed armored sentinels, and again they survived the battle...which is more then i can say for the scout sentinels iv used prior.  I wouldn't call them Wildly successful though, they threw out some plasma and killed a few marines, they did stomp a Jump pack Chaplin into the dirt in close combat, but it took about 3-4 rounds to do it during which they couldn't fire.  Rob will put up a battle report with Pictures and his cool Vassall program so i'll shamelessly wait to link it here.

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  1. They've turned out really nice mate, that's how sentinels should look.

    Excellent job, what's next?