Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1750 Tournie Prep

So coming up here soon is a 1750 tournie, and i would like to get a new force setup and tested as soon as possible.

The current list im considering would be:

Company Command Squad
W/ Straken, Bodyguard, 2xGrenade Launcher, Medic, Astropath, Chimera

Vet Squad
W/ 2x Melta, Grenade Launcher

Vet Squad

W/ 2x Melta, Grenade Launcher

Vet Squad
W/ 3x Melta, Chimera

Penal Legion Squad

Fast Attack
W/ HB Sides


3x Armored Sentinel Squadron
W/ Plasma Cannons


Heavy Support
Leman Russ
W/ Lascannon Front

Leman Russ Demolisher



This equates out to exactly 1750, while giving me 4 scoring units. 

I find now a days that i care so much more for my Fast Attack slots then Heavy Support which is just odd for Imperial Guard.  I want to bring my newly converted sentinels and i think they will do well regaurdless of nostalgia value.  I do have an additional Valk model sitting on my desk waiting to be assembled, and mod'd into a Vendetta and Steel Eagle capable model. 

Basically the biggest "should i really bring that" of the list is the Penal Legion Squad.  I like them, but i dont think they are in any way competitive which isnt to say i wont use them.  Im a competitive person and enjoy winning, but i also have this weird side that craves a fun game and wont allow me to math hammer my way to victory or field ultra cheesy armies and so i often throw in units that arent geared perfect or dont function well just to "handicap" myself and sooth that weird side of me.

I have used them in a game, and they did.... marginal.  The problem is their random abilities are:
  1. Assaulty
  2. Assaulty
  3. Shooty
So its difficult to really place them into a spot unitl you make the roll pre-game.  The 2 Assaulty elements make them a decent choice to outflank onto an objective and hopefully if they can recieve support from Straken actually kill something.  The shooty element makes them sub par back/mid field objective holders/cover squaters thanks to their range and stubborn.  All this added with their expense being 10 points more then a vet squad and their a fluff unit at best.

On top of this im bring an Astropath for them pretty much, sure it will get Marbo in sooner as well, but overall its there to insure my legion can outflank to the spot i want them.  So at this point im investing 110 points for the squad.

As far as the Tournie goes it is supposadly going to be Adepticon Champ. style (Danny i know you said you read this maybe you can confirm?) which looking through the battles means it is more focused on Victory points then Kill points.  That really is awsome because it makes many of the guard lesser used units a little more fun to try as soo many of them are low cost and easily killed.

Any insight on the list, the legion, or Adepticon Champ scenarios?

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  1. Totally bring the penal legion. They can outflank and take out targets of opportunity on the table sides! Or you can just mess with your opponent's head by threatening them with it.