Friday, February 5, 2010

Sentinel Conversion Project IV

Nearing completion of the prototype.

i bulked up the legs quite a bit, as well as the fore arms.  I left the backside mostly open, it is afterall still armor 10 back there, and it already looks super armored on the sides (which are 10 still as well.... but oh well)

so far iv only used:
1x Sentinel Kit
1x Drop pod kits bits (from a freinds left overs)
Green Stuff

Added more fingers from sprue, added some rivets from green stuff, they will get more detail once they dry more and become easier to mess with without just poping off.  depending on how it looks i may take the easy route though on the next ones and just cut some plasticard tubing for them instead of greenstuff which is frankly a pain in back side.

For those of you just starting to look, im converting up a 10 man Armored Sentinel Stompa Hunter force for Apoc. games, click the pictures for enormous versions.  I also included some other models for scale.



  1. Looking REALLY good there sir.

  2. Wow man, you have a real knack for this modelling thing.

    The only downside is the rivits look out of place. I've seen some good tutorials for making rivits. I can dig them out if you'd like.

  3. That is most awesome! I love the customs work and I second 39,999. Find a way to make your own rivets from plasticard.


  4. Damn, that is one sexy little walker right there. My only complaint might be that the magnetized gun looks a little awkward- it almost seems like he can't turn it enough to actually shoot straight forward. Hard to say without looking at the model in person, though.

    All in all a really impressive kitbash, though. I'm not really familiar with the Drop Pod kit, could you give us some idea what bits you used from that?

  5. thanks Sean, and i agree on the gun. I have faith that the next 2 i make (of which i have the kits already de-sprued) will look better as they wont just be standing there.

    From the Drop pod kit i took a harness, the imperial eagle (though any IG player will have these in droves as most tank kits come with 2 or more) and two of the harness columns. The things they plug into. The harness is obvious and unchanged, the column is cut in half vertically and then horizontally and forms the inner parts of the arms. They look a bit bleak now but with paint i doubt it will, i also used part of them for the gun and part for a yet unfinished Lascannon.