Monday, February 1, 2010

Team Tournie Wrap up

This weekends Team Tournie is done, and while i dont have conclusive numbers ill go ahead and go through the battle reports.  Here is the post with lists if your interested.

Battle 1:

Primary: Kill Points, but you track it for each team member and the lowest of your two is the teams score.
Secondary: Control the middle point with a scoring unit.
Tertiary: Destroy the opposing teams most costly unit.

we faced off against a Tau/Dark Angels team.

The Tau had a Hammerhead, 2 Crisis suit teams one with a commander, a devilfish and 3 squads of ground troopers.

The Dark angels had Belial (sp?) with 2 squads of Termies, a dreadnought with double Missiles, and one with double Heavy Bolters, and a 3 biker squad.

the map was a mud village of sorts, lots of buildings and Los blocking cover, spearhead deployment.

so we rolled to go first, i deployed a Vendetta on each side of our zone, Strakens Chimera and Demolisher dead center and as forward as possible.  Obviously George didnt deploy anything as he is 100% deepstrike.

Our opponents sorta choose their own sides in response to my deployment, the tau bunched up in the west and the dark angels in the east, everything but the tau commander and freinds was deployed.

Before first turn i scout moved my west vendetta straight up to the Tau's west side, my East Vendetta joined straken and demolisher in the center.  At this point my plan of spreading deployment and then contracting it with scout move had worked as our opponents had dispersed their deployment across the whole board edge.

We started the game off meanly, breaking the Hammerheads big gun off and poping the devilfish.  Georges Ironclads were both on the Tau and all my units were gunning for them as well.  The thought was that the Dark angels were all short to medium range, so we would ignore them until we were done with the tau.

Second turn saw one none of our units dead from turn 1, but the Dark angels only long range support, the double missile dread would be plastered by a vendetta.  The commander of the Tau showed up turn 2 and melted the sad little Chaplin though but otherwise again not much happend to us.

Turn three saw the commander of the Tau runnning for the board with so much imperial between him and it that he would not rally, much of the Tau was now extinct and the squad of infantry that had been hiding in a building found an ironclad had made a new door for itself.

At this point the game was officially over, we mopped up the dark angels as planned and Straken claimed Belial's head for his own in close combat.  We won primary as we both had more KP's then either of them, we won Secondary with my Vendetta hovering in the middle with its vet squad inside, and we won Tertiary as straken put Belial down.  They got 1 commanders head for killing the Chaplin, we got 3 for their two commanders dieing and Straken being alive.

Battle 2

Primary: Table Quarters
Secondary: Objectives (3 points for your own, 5 points for the enemies)
Tertiary: Kill points

This game we played against a Traitor Guard and Chaos Marine force.

Traitor guard had 3 Chimeras, 2 vet squads and company command, Devil Dog, 2 Executioners.
Chaos had a Sorcerer with Lash, noise marines, 2 Rhinos full of marines with melta stuff, Terminators with meltas.

We got first turn again, i setup similar to last time but in a table quarters fashion, they setup in a castle stance preparing to defend against us.

first turn was terrible....i managed to rip off an executioners main gun, and pop the command chimera then pin its occupants.  But George manged nothing, he landed his drop pods to ambush the other executioner but succeeded in rolling double 1's for his melta shots and didnt fire the hunter killers.  Overal not terrible....but not as good as it should have been.  Their first turn saw one iron clad get lashed into turning around so it could be wreked by a melta gun from a trooper so overall not bad.

Turn two we managed to shake my executioner, and georges ironclad managed only to shake the one it assaulted, however the ironclad had it pinned in place so it wasn't going anywhere and he would get to attack again next turn.  Georges Vanguard squad came in, they assaulted and massacred the chaos marines squad that had killed the dreadnought.  Their Turn 2 however was a fair bit more productive, they lashed the vanguard out into the open and managed to kill 5 of them with bolter fire and IG fire...thats a lot of points right there for sure.  They also manged to rip off a lascannon from a vendetta and immoblize the other one.

Turn three saw the chaplin arrive, the Rhino of marines that came out into mid field got immobilized and its bolter gone from my vendetta, and the other vendetta poped a chimera(as its firing arc was now limited) Georges Vanguard hid behind a barrade and assaulted the marines rhino again, managing to not kill it.  George's Ironclad had forgotten to hit the executioner it was still in base to base with on turn 2's second assault phase sadly, so it waited and finished off the executioner this turn.  George's drop of marines arrived, i suggested it go down near the enemies IG command squad as i knew his bolters would shred them.  Unfortunately it scattered in the right direction far enough to go off the board, and then he rolled a 1 for his mishap and they were gone and our opponents 2 KP's richer.  Their Turn 3 saw the vanguard lashed out and destroyed, the marines in the middle poped straken out of his chimera, and the Termies arrived in the same middle area.

Turn four saw Marbo arrive, and completely miss with his demo pack. He relies upon cover and sadly the table was only stone pieces that provided LoS blocking but little to no cover areas.  My mobile vendetta took its shots at the Termies in front of it, and managed to kill one, the other vendetta took out the last chimera.  Straken and co. navigated their wrecked chimera to get ready to assault the marines.  Georges dreadnought slowly made its way through the wreckage of its freind, and his chaplin jumped to a location near them but stayed behind cover for now.  In assault straken wasted the marines down to 3 men who managed their leadership thanks to a reroll from an icon.  Their turn saw the dreadnought lashed out and backward facing so he could be wrecked.  The Termies poped the vendetta with their melta gun, sadly i forgot about assault and placed my troops from within the vendetta close enough to be make it better they multi assaulted marbo near by, the end result of which was Marbo put a knife in one termie.  We lost by 3 and the guardsmen broke, Marbo being fearless then took 3 hits and died.  Straken finished off the last 2 of the marines but only barely as he was then the only one left of his unit thanks to the powerfist seargent that would not die.

Turn five, straken was tied up with the seargent still but finnaly took his head in the assault phase, my immobile vendetta took a few shots and did little due to its choices and my guardsmen that broke from CC with the Termies continued running away.  Georges Chaplin siezed the day and jumped into the midst of the enemy, then assaulted the guardsmen there.  He ended up winning combat with them, and running them down...i chastised George for killing them all as this now meant his Chap was ready to be shot at instead of being stuck in right next to their objective. It was, at this point, that all of our terrible dice luck that had plagued us all game long (or apparently had been given to the other team as nearly all their single shot meltas hit and wrecked whatever they shot...) did a little switcharo...not that it helped all that much.  Straken survive, 3 plasma cannon blasts, 2 heavy bolter wounds and 3 bolter wounds.  The Chaplin was lashed away from the objective of course....and managed to survive the torrent of bolter/las fire, 2 lascannons ect. that was fired at him.  The Devil Dog finally showed up from reserver and just rolled over to our side of the table to contest the quarter i had with my immobile vendetta/vet squad.

Primary: Tie, they had only the vet squads of IG left in their original table quarter, which the Chaplin was contesting and we had the vet squad way back in ours.
Secondary: loss, they lashed the chaplin far enough away to capture their own objective, but Straken made sure they didn't have ours.
Tertiary: loss

Looking back this game wasn't nearly as bad as it had seemed.  George suffered some seriously bad luck on his dice, losing tons of expensive Vanguard to bolter fire (not even massed bolter fire were talking like 4-5 shots) and wasting tons of his dreadnoughts time on the tank for various reasons, not to mention the double KP loss due to mishap on deepstrike.  Marbo did nothing this game but kill a termie in CC and then die, and our opponent rolls were on fire for nearly everything ( i know people complain about dice luck all the time, but when you miss 2 out of 20+ attacks in CC that hit on 3+ your luck is good...)  The Combined effect was nasty for us.

Final Game

Primary: Objective control, 3 objectives one of which is randomly harder to control after deployment because it then requires a troop from both armies to control it.
Secondary: Table Quarters
Tertiary: Kill points

spearhead deployment, with Dawn of war rules.

We played against a Space Wolves/ Crimson Fists army here.  it was brought to my attention after game 2 that my army was actually illegal due to containing Marbo and Straken, Marbo hadn't done much so i didn't feel too bad but its still dishearting as we had talked about the character rules for Team tournies a bunch but never bothered to go read them ourselves, so of course everyone we had talked to was wrong lol....lesson learned. What was funnier is this game was against Bjorn and Pedro, which is against the rules while i was prepared to not have Marbo in this game we decided between the two teams and the TO that we would just go ahead and do it, even though clearly making one of the opponent s characters go away would have been better for us being as Marbo is hardly equal to either of them.

The middle objective ended up being the hard one, and we had second turn.

they had drop pods o plenty, and thunderfires and lots of dreadnoughts so i deployed nothing for turn 1.

Turn one, their drop pods of normal marines and Bjorn came down in the middle and spread out, they also brought on the thunderfires way in the flank.  My units came in turn 1 and my two Vendetta's vaporized the thunder fires, Georges Dreadnoughts took the multi melta off the arm of one of their dreadnoughts and my Demolisher tank chewed up around 4 wolves.

Turn 2 the Sternguard arrived and attempted to pop my Demolisher, but only manged to immobilize it.  The dreadnought george had blown the gun off of charged his and the end result was George ironclad was immobilized and the normal dread was wrecked, and his other dreadnought continued his unlucky streak by having a single wolf with melta gun take it to wrecked...  Our turn 2 the Vanguard arrived and positioned themselves to assault the big wolf pack that had killed the dread, Straken got out of his transport and made his way into position to show the sternguard just how elite they werent.  The vendetta's took out some random guys and shoke Bjorn, the Demolisher demolished some marines, and Marbo showed up and put his Demo pack into a large pack of wolves killing all but 2.  George then fired his bolt pistols from the Vanguard into the wolves, now George had spent literraly all night painting his Ultramarine drop pods...he hadnt slept at all....after our loss on Game 2 he had lost all steam he had before.  After firing his squad and killing nothing, he went over and checked his codex, he came back and told me that meant he could no longer assault with them, which is the whole point of paying more for Vanguard.  George is a very honest person, super honest, and even though his opponents had no clue about it he did the right thing and didnt assault because of it.  Though he was pretty much a corpse from there on.  Straken destroyed all but 3 of the Sternguard and their droppod.

Turn three the Vanguard got jacked up, shot down to about 5 guys.  Bjorn killed Marbo in Close Combat, and the vanguard got assaulted.  They did well in assault, winning by 2, leaving 2 of them left and 5 wolves.  Straken finished off the Sternguard.  In our turn straken moved forward and multi assaulted the marines there plus the wolf drop pod on top of the objective.  The vendettas plasterred Pedro into a fine goey stain on the ground, they would have been fine insta killing him, but with 3 lascannon hits he rolled 3 1's for his inv. either way he was gone.  Bjorn was shaken again by my Vendetta it was due to bad luck not even his reroll.

Turn four the wolves ended up killing the last Vanguard and shot his Chaplin who came down last turn to death.  My Chimera moved around back ready to race over and contest the objective the wolves held not much else happend, lots of random shooting that accomplished little.

Turn 5 my Vendetta jumped over the woods to contest their objective, my Chimera drove around to contest their other objective.  Georges last drop pod with tac. squad dropped down onto the now clear middle objective and my other vendetta sped over to park on it as well.

Primary: Win, we managed to capture the middle harder to capture objective and contest both of theirs.
Secondary: Tie.  no one manged to not have a contested quarter.
Tertiary: Win

So overall it was a fun Tournie and we did very well, George will be sleeping next time before it though =)


  1. For next time: You got robbed on Game 2.
    Lash of Submission only works on "any non-vehicle enemy unit", emphasis mine.
    Dreadnoughts and all other Walkers fall under the "Vehicles" section and unit type description.

    It may have been an honest mistake, but I doubt it as that item is one of the key weaknesses of Lash.

    Of course, bad on you for Marbo and Straken. :-p Learn and go on.

    Otherwise, sounds like it was a good day. Make George get some sleep before next time!

  2. I can't believe George played a game without painted models. That's worse than stooping to play 'Nids!

    My opinion of him just dropped a notch. :(

    By the way, who won the tourney?

  3. no he didn't play with unpainted models, thats why he didn't sleep he spent all night finishing his last 3 pods!

    sadly he didn't win painting though, a dark angels army did, imo it was kinda lame too because the whole army was owned and painted by one of the two tournie painting should go to a team that together had great painting imo.

    Danny and his partner won, they were the ones we played second.

    Thanks for the heads up Dverning i should have caught it but i honestly havent ever played against lash before (weird i know)

    i felt really really bad about the Marbo honestly, i tell myself he didn't do anything important anyway besides give our opponents kill points....but still im not a shady player and having an Illegal list just sounds bad.

  4. Sounds like it was fun. Too bad I couldn't make it, but since this may be the last Brimfrost hopefully I'll have a good time there instead.

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