Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sentinel Conversion Project III

So i updated it a bit more.

added shoulder pads , added magnets for hands, along with a single "finger" though there will be more probably just made from cut sprue.  added a cockpit of sorts, i felt the pilot was way too exposed, and his leg compartment has had its foundation work done.  The plasticard on the sides of it need some details, but i have to keep telling myself ill do details last.... i tend to get carried away =)

Also made his plasma cannon, it needed to be longer so its pretty heavily modified.

anyway, lots more to do as it still looks ramshackle.


  1. Big mechs ala Avatar! very cool

  2. A-1 piece of work, I love a good conversion piece. The best make you want to actually make one your self. I trust this is a heavy-duty sentinel? One of the high AV units?

  3. Thanks all

    Yeah this is the prototype for a 10 Armored sentinel Stompa Hunter force for Apoc.