Monday, February 22, 2010


so after being away for 2 weeks in LA i come back just in time to make sure i dont miss another of my super important classes at the University.

Around here its no secret i hate my art appreciation class, i guess theyre trying to make me appreciate art more but the art they show me is just not doing it for me. "Yes i see that it is a picture of a flower, but so close you can almost not tell its a flower...neat can we move on its been 15 minutes now on the stupid flower?"  

To make matters worse for people like me that need to see the "purpose" in whats being taught to me, i spent 2 hours of class time engaged in a project im fairly certain i did back in kindergarten.

She called in Print making, but at the end of the day we really just cut up some styrofoam box lids and made pretty pictures, then painted on em and used a roller to press the design on construction paper.  At some point during this i learned to appreciate art...i guess.

see if you can guess which one is mine =)

if you cant guess its in the middle, green flag/imperial eagle with a red chaos circle over it. 

if you wanna be deep and artsy you can say that my feelings of annoyance for being forced to take this class as part of the General Ed requirments led me to portray rebellion to the norm in my piece.  If you want the truth i like warhammer and needed 2 patterns so i made the eagle and chaos, then i needed a stupid mash up so i put them together >.>'

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  1. Come to the dark side...

    Have you done screen-printing yet?