Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sentinel Conversion Project II

The local hobby shop finally restocked and i was able to grab a sentinel box to get started.

Iv made great progress on the initial prototype, and so far am very happy that i have kept the parts within it from only 2 kits, as i will be building it out to a full 10 sentinel stompa hunter force.

At this point i have the basic Skeletal structure in place, essentially it gives a basic idea of the form it will take, though in no way does it resemble the final products actual look because i plan to use a good bit of plasticard to create armor plating around the 4 limbs and shoulders.  I want the structure to be visible still of course but right now its way to skinny.

for this first prototype i decided to keep the pegs for the legs in tact to allow me more ability to mess with them during the process without having to glue them in place.  In the future versions i will most likely not use them so i can have the legs bending in different directions.  The first probably wont be posed super cool either, just a simple standing pose so i can get the overall design right, then the next batch will be posed.

Believe it or not its already much skinnier then a normal sentinel, as i took the leg motor piece and cut the entire middle from it, then glued the two sides back together.

It kinda resembles a cross right now between the mech's in Matrix 3 and Avatar...neither of which are what im going for lol.  The Pilot has no legs at the moment, but i plan to conceal that area anyway with a sorta compartment, though right now it would make for some funny jokes that this is the IG version of a dreadnought...you lose your legs but you get to keep fighting!

The pictures are huge if you click em.


  1. Oh, that just screams Aliens, can't wait to see it painted.

  2. OpenID broke for me today when I tried to post a comment on this.

    Tres cool. Did you say that this took 2 sentinels to build? or that you have enough to build 2? Also, how do you plan on mounting the weapon (held like in Avatar, or mounted like a Wraithlord?)

  3. so far this is using only 1 Sentinel kit, and a few extra bits from the drop pod kit.

    It will be held by the unit not mounted up top, i actually got that done tonight as well, it looks ok, but i suspect it will look better once i move on to a posed model instead of standing still and boring.

  4. For the arms;wich Broadside is that?