Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Tournie

On the 30th is a Team Tournie here in Anchorage

It's 1000 points a person, 2 people a team.  You can bring 1 HQ, 1 Elite/Fast/Heavy choice, 3 Troop choices, and are only required to bring 1 HQ and 1 Troop.  You then get a floater choice, so you can take an additional Fast Attack for instance, or Elite, but your team mate can not take the same choice as you.

My Team Mate is my buddy George, who will be playing an Ultramarine force thats pretty much set in stone.
-Chaplin W/Jump pack
-IronClad Dread in Droppod w/2 Hunter Killers
-IronClad Dread in Droppod w/2 Hunter Killers (floater Elite choice)
-5 man Tactical squad in Droppod
-10 man Vanguard vet squad
8 Kill Points

I could be off on the number of vets, but thats the basic list.  Its straight forward, he'll drop the two IronClads on our opponents face turn 1, they both have locator beacons so his vanguard will come in and have a good chance to Heroic Intervention that turn.  His Chaplin will come down and attempt to join up with the Vets once he's down, and lastly the Tac squad will come down on an objective somwhere later.

My Force so far looks to be something around these lines;
-Company Command Squad
W/ Straken, Medic, 2 melta, chimera
-Vet Squad W/3 melta, chimera
-Vet Squad W/2 melta (in Vendetta)
-Vendetta W/Heavy bolter sides
-Vendetta (floater fast attack choice)
-Leman Russ Demolisher
9 Kill Points

17 Kill Points together

My Purpose would be to have the Vendettas immediantly provide support for his IronClads, removing any melta ect. that posses a real threat to them.  Then they help disable vehicles and other mobile annoyances, as the IronClads if they survive can easily handle heavy tanks (if their melta/hunterkillers dont handle them turn 1).  On top of that the Vets in the Vendetta are the mobile scoring unit providing end game scoring with the vendettas 24 inch move.

Straken is one of my favorite parts of IG right now, and while he doesnt have the support in place to be super uber in this force (no priest, bodyguard, ect.)  He is still a valuable anti assault unit and worth his points.  On top of this i believe the team tournament will have extra rules for killing enemy commanders, straken is the toughest of the IG commanders so he should shine there too.  His squad will move forward to act as a turn 2/3 support for the Marines assault.

Vets in Chimera will follow straken basically.

Marbo does his thing, he's a valuable unit to remove "problems"

The Demolisher Russ will be the last resort model, it will troddle along behind the chimera's ready to blast any deep strikers or stray units.

So thats the plan, im a little unsure about it though.  The Demo Russ in particular doesn't fit the theme, his inaccurate devastation is usually ok for the guard, but with so much of our combined force looking to tie up the enemy in assault, chances are his target opportunities will be plagued by the possibility of our own troops being near by.  I also wanted to bring a Psyker squad in chimera, which almost fits better then the demo russ as it will allow me to break moral on units which should be near their board edge, but its 2 easy kill points instead of 1 resilient one.


  1. Seems a bit assault heavy to me. Your list dosen't have much in the way of long-range shooty (something I expect most IG lists to be absurdly heavy on), but you're sure to overwhelm most teams in hand to hand.

    I particularly like George's list. I hadn't thought to use dreads with locators/vanguard. That'll be a nasty surprise for a few players...

  2. It is very assaulty, the problem with shooty guard is that i don't believe it will support his assault marine force very well. For the same reason i was talking about with the Demo Russ plus if i take things like Hydra's that provide not blast fire support they usually have to sit still and will be out of range of any support should they get deepstriked on them selves.

    It would be nice to include like a Harker Vet squad to infiltrate and shoot...that would also be 1 less kill point as they dont "need" a Chimera.