Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tournie Prep

In prep for the 1750 tournie iv run a few test games, and have been painting up all the mini's i need to fill out the list.

For the tournie i needed:
a Penal Legion squad converted/painted
4 grenade launcher guardsmen converted/painted
1 astropath finished paint job
3 Sentinels converted/painted

so far iv got it all done except the Sentinels, which are in the painting stage atm.  That leaves me sitting pretty with the tournie not until the 20th.

The Grenade launcher guardsmen were easy to get done, i didn't have any and i didn't really want to buy another guardsmen box so thankfully many guard kits come with spare legs!  I used the legs from the tank commander that comes with a Baneblade, the legs from one of the door gunners from a Valkyrie, the legs from a tank kit, and finally the last legs left over from the 10 man Catachan box i bought for the Penal legion squad (squad is 9 prisoners and an overseer).

Next up i had to finish the Astropath, i had actually converted up 10 Empire Flaggelents(sp? dont care =) to be a psyker battle squad, and the models double as Astropaths/Primaris Psykers as needed. 

and lastly i needed my penal legion squad, which is simply a catachan squad equipped with knives and random bits ect.  its hard to be strictly WYSIWYG with them as you aren't sure what they'll have come battle, but i doubt anyone would really care and god help me i wasn't going to magnetize the turds.

so far the Penal legion has seen three battles with me and overall i enjoy them even if their ability has been hit and miss.

The 1st battle was against nids/chaos in a 2v2.  They rolled Gunslingers and outflanked over to eventually assault some shooty nid warriors.  They i believe killed 1 warrior and tied the squad up for 2 turns before fleeing back to base and doing little else.

The 2nd battle was against Vanilla marines, they rolled Psychopaths and outflanked over to Multi Assault a devastator squad and Tactical squad (5 man combat squads of each, so not 20 marines but 10).  They killed a good 5 or 6 marines before being dragged down by the initial two squads and a further 5 man squad that came to assist the melee.  On top of the marine kills this helped tie up the marines for 2 and 1/2 turns which i believe really helped.

The 3rd battle was again against Vanilla marines, they rolled Psychopaths again and outflanked to assault another devastator squad, this one 7 men strong.  Annoyingly they rolled terrible for reserves and didn't come in until turn 4, which proved very irritating because the devastators did quite well in that time.  They assaulted turn 4 and killed 1 marine while losing no prisoners (2 successful flak armor saves ftw =)  The marines stayed though, and in the marines turn won combat by 1 wound after killing another marine.  I promptly failed my moral check, and rolled a 1 for my initiative run away check which is an insta death.

Overall like i said i enjoy the playstyle difference with them, they're kinda like a lame squad of Genestealers.  I'm still not 100% that they're worth their place but they seem to at least be capable of distracting the enemy for a turn or two.


  1. You're guys are looking great! It would be funny if we faced off at the tourney, since it would be a bit of role-reversal since the last time we rolled dice (my IG against your GK).

  2. Where do you find time to do all of this modelling and painting? Egads man, you're making the rest of us look bad.

    Two other things: First, if you need any more legs or bitz, I got a ton of catachan stuff laying around that I can help out with. Secondly, any chance you want to scrounge up a game this weekend? If so, shoot me an email.

  3. @fox thanks, it would be fun to play again i promise my force will be nicer then my double land raider 1k points list =)

    @Rob we should play this weekend for sure, are you thinking your place or Bosco's? Im ok on guardsmen for now, but they are for sure the piece you need to create more guardsmen. I have crap tons of chests, heads, and arms. I'm not sure where ill go from here with my guard, i dont actually ever use every guardsmen i have so its usually just me needing to convert up some special unit like the grenade launchers. At this point about the only thing i dont have that i might use someday would be sergeants with power weapons.

  4. Oops... guess I should read your blog more often. Next time I'll give you a ring (I snagged your number off the local gaming forum).

    I typically play at my house. Bosco's has sort of an odor about it...

  5. Hi man, where you get a head for your Astropath? It looks really great!