Friday, October 22, 2010

40k Combat Patrol: Ready2Drop

I am finished with all prep work for this Saturday's Combat Patrol Tournie.  After a lot of consideration i finally settled on the list below, i also discovered upon entering it in Excel that i in fact had 10 points to spare.....not sure how that came about but i tripled checked all my numbers and in deed i had a dime to spend.  More about the changes after the list.

Feel free to click the pics for some seriously big versions.

Pack Alpha
5 Grey Hunters W/Flamer

Pack Bravo
5 Grey Hunters W/Flamer

Lone Wolf W/Fenrisian Wolf
Lone Wolf W/Power Fist

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Typhoon W/Heavy Flamer

ThunderWolf Rider W/Wolf Claw

Heavy Support:
Long Fang Pack W/4 Missile Launchers

So that's that, from my previous list i removed one of the vanilla lone wolves as planned.  I then changed the Thunderwolf from a Frost Weapon to a Wolf Claw for another few points.  Using these points i bought a power fist for one of my lone wolves to give me a major threat to heavy melee units which had given me trouble in a few games.

Then as mentioned i discovered i had 10 points to play with.....i toiled as ever over where they should be spent, a couple of good options were available:

  1. Upgrade the Thunderwolf back to a frost blade, and maybe give out a melta gun instead of a flamer to a Grey hunter pack.
  2. Give a Fenrisian Wolf to a lone wolf.
  3. Upgrade a Flamer to a Plasma Gun in one of the Grey Hunter packs
  4. Add a Wolf Standard to a Grey Hunter pack.
However one major problem loomed, i was nearly done with everything when i discovered my extra points...and so any changes would require frantic painting of something to get it ready for tommorrow.... 

Option 1 was good, it meant no one would give me naughty eyes for my "wolf claw" on my Thunderwolf, which to my defense he is carrying a pole arm which is no defined by any rules in their book and can thus represent any reasonable melee weapon i choose....  Not to mention this brings him back to strength 6 in melee with an extra attack.  However i had come to really like the idea of his increased reliability through the wolf claw given his ability to fail in the past.  That and as before a melta gun would mean either ripping a flamer from a marine or painting a new no thanks.

Option 2 was a fluffy idea i like a lot, sure i would have to green stuff and paint a wolf, but wolves are super easy to paint so whatever.  It gets me another model on the table too, though an easyish to kill one.

Option 3 was an ok idea, a little more bang in my ranged firepower, plus i have a plasma gunner already painted....don't like to see my marines kill themselves though when i have so few.

Option 4 was a good idea because it can really really help that unit in one assault, however i would have to model and paint a standard at the least, and a marine holding it at the most....

In the end i really wanted to get a Fenrisian wolf in there because it sounded fun, i don't believe it is at all the best tactical choice....i also should have given the wolf to the power fist lone wolf to help him survive shooting, but the other wolf was so jealous of all his F it he got the pet so he didn't have to feel so vanilla =)

On another note i decided to study my Japanese while playing, so each model has a word written on his's their unofficial names, although they're very poor names lol.

from left to right: Hidari(left), Demo(but), Migi(right), Mae(front)


  1. I like the justification for who gets the pet, and am impressed with the detail in your Japanese characters (though I've honestly no idea if they're accurate or not). They're certainly clean though.

    As I've seen these models before (though not completely finished, I'm sure), what really jumps out at me is the terrain. I like the dripping brown fluid on the walls. Is that just paint dumped on them? It has a great effect.

    I still haven't decided whether or not to attend the tourney tomorrow, but I suspect I'll sit it out. I'll be by to root ya on though, and pick up my bugs from Jeffard. Best o luck to ya..

  2. I'd double check your math my man, I stuck your list in Army Builder and it came in at 500pts on the nose as is!
    As for the list itself - looks okay, very similar to the one I won a 400pt Combat Patrol Tournament and League with.
    Depending on the scenarios you play you may run into problems with kill points as that is a fair amount at a small points level.

  3. @Rob It's stain i just dripped it on when i was staining my nids.

    @Tom, if you stuck this list in it will be 500 as it includes the wolf i added. I was refering to my previous post's list.

    List worked really well, the only list i would say really beat it down was an Eldar list with 6 Warwalkers, 2 Vypers, and 6 jetbikes...totaling out at 15 Shuriken cannons and change. I'll recap the games in a new post i think.

  4. Looks good.

    When will you be posting pics of the nids?

  5. Um i can post em if you want, they are more or less an experiment with stain so theyre not that good. Not to mention my color scheme is pretty boring unlike your nids.

    So i normally use Chrome but im on a work computer atm and noticed huge spaces due to picture that visible for anyone else on IE, computers pretty out of date so im just wondering if thats it?