Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My own little Nightmare

Continuing my explanation of my new experience with Warmachine, this time we'll go over my force.

In Warmachine there are 5 Factions, and 1 "merc" faction.

  1. Cygnar, blue guys, they're the good guys with the best tech.  Think America...their armies tend to be all about staying away from you and causing lots of little damage either at range or in mass.  One very cool mechanic they often sport is Lightning based weaponry, when many of these weapons attack they arc lightning to the next closest model from the target, doing another hit to them(friend of foe...though many of their units are also immune to lightning damage).
  2. Khador, Russians.....They sport serious armor and serious damage.  In exchange they tend to be slower, tend to be easier to hit for the enemy.  If you want an army where your models are not likely to go down easily this one's for you.  initially this is the army i wanted to play, but i got my Wife into Warmachine as well and she said she liked them.  Being very eager to get her involved i bowed out, after buying the first part of my force she decided Cygnar was cooler.....
  3. Menoth, Church Cult if you will, they really like lighting people on fire...a lot.  They tend to have a mixture of very cheap and likewise ineffective units that are then made worthwhile through proper tactics and synergy, and a few very good units.  They also tend to follow a denial path, preventing the enemy from doing things or being able to use things on them.  Did i mention they can light people on fire, shoot they can make you explode and light your freinds near by on fire....
  4. Retribution, Elves, think space marines.  Most of their units tend to be effective in all things, but expensive points wise.  They also have a good number of ways to move you around...  theyre the new guys in the new edition of the game.
  5. Mercenaries, it's an entire book of "allies" each one has certain other factions he/they/it will work for, so for instance not every Merc will hire on with your cygnar army.  You can also simply field an army of them, theyre all over the map so it's not easy to sum up what they do. 
  6. Cryx, the Undead pirate nation/corporation.  This is my army, they're glass cannons.  They hit hardish, they're fast across the board, they tend to be hard to hit and good at hitting you.  They also tend to not play a straight forward game, using odd tricks or assassination attempts to win.  My units can't take a hit though, well one can, but the rest can't.
It's also worth noting that Hordes, the sister game to Warmachine, is 100% compatible to play with/against.  Hordes has some changes to the way the armies work, but all the core mechanics are the same and they are balanced on each other.  Warmachine represents the major city states of the world, where Hordes represents the Barbarian areas not yet fully civilized.

So on to my force.  First my list, click any picture for a huge version to see my terrible paint job up close!

First is my Warcaster:
 Skarre, Queen of the Pirate Coast.

Skarre actually has two versions of her available to play, both have different rules and models.  Rules wise they are Similar only to an extent, this is actually very common and the idea is that my Skarre is the new version of her as the Story line has progressed and she has changed during it.  Unlike 40k, Warmachine's story is happening now which i must admit....i like a lot.

Points are very similar in Warmachine, each unit has a cost just like 40k.  The Warcaster is free, but comes with some bonus points you can only spend on Warjacks.  These points are different depending on the Warcaster though, my Skarre comes with 6 bonus Jack points.

So i have a 35 point list, this is the staple value for most tournaments and 2 hour games.  50 points is also reasonably common, but anything else is quite rare.


Seether is very mobile and pissed off, he enjoy's beating face and long walks on the beach.


aka "DeathJerk"  This jack is the most expensive jack in the Cryx book, and is every bit worth it.  They didn't actually build him, he was found wondering around the woods murding people, towns, kittens, if it had a yummy soul he was all over it.  Cryx managed to subdue it and bend it to their will, though many of the techs aren't real sure it should be "trusted".  He's a huge jack and really has a nasty gambit of abilities, including but not limited to the ability to suck up any living things soul that dies nearby then use that soul to heal or later to "boost" it'self, his skulls on his shoulder appear to be in control giving him magic of his own and a 360' field of vision(a big deal), and he hits you really hard.....

Units(aka squads of stuff that isn't good enough to be alone)

Satyxis Raiders

i have a full squad of 10, i also purchased a "unit attachment" which is the sea witch in front with the trident.  These chicks are super fast and have a large melee range with their chain weapons.  They also hurt casters if they hurt the casters jacks which is neat, and can knock things down.  They are VERY easy to kill however if you can hit them, this is made doubly hard for ranged attacks by adding that Sea Witch, along with a few other bonuses she gives.


Necro Surgeon and her pups.

Did i mention Skarre(my Warcaster in case you already forgot) is super emo?  She cuts her self a lot, which is cool.... but to counter this a bit i bring the surgeon to bandage her up so she doesn't get to low.  She can actually do other things if i were to bring some other units, but alas no room in the list.

War Witch Siren 

A cool toolbox with the ability to do random things of worth, including her sword which binds you in place if she hits you.  I like to use this combined with her large melee range to help keep enemies from running away =)  she also has some very helpful spells available and is nearly impossible to kill at range.


A generic attachment for a warcaster, it can cast one of Skarres spells for free each turn along with the ability to collect souls ect.  very helpful overall if some what simple in design.

Darragh Wriath

Darragh is a cool light cavalry solo, he is a battle wizard dragoon...what this means is he can cast a few of his own spells all of which are pretty good, he can also choose to attack things and if he kill something he can cast a spell for free.  The Dragoon part means once he has taken 10 damage he will dismount and become less mobile and less armored(you get both a mounted and dismount model as well), but still around and ready to keep going.  He's a utility problem solver really, and a very cool model.

Well thats my 35 point force, hope you enjoyed the pics.  Cya next time for a battle report to help illustrate the game play a little better.

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