Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nid Angel FAQ's out

I'm sure most of you already know that the Nid and Blood Angel FAQ's are out, but sense i have been SUPER lazy with putting anything up i'll take the chance to throw out a post on what is pretty significant about them.


  • Creatures outside Synapse at the start of the movement phase must test for instincts, regardless of whether a Synapse creature comes into range that turn.  So you can't move a synpase unit into range before moving a unit outside of range to prevent them testing.
  • Hive Tyrants and Swarmlord are NOT independent characters when joined to a Tyrant guard unit, and so can not be singled out in close combat nor do they need to be base to base to contribute.  Being a huge fan of Tyrants and the Lord i think this is pretty awesome.
  • Harpies/Tyrants with wings can Deep strike! It kinda sucks the other units with wings weren't included...
  • Zoanthropes seem to be breaking the unit of multiple wound identical models rule when a wound comes from a perils of the warp.
  • Mawloc rules are explained a little more, doesn't change much overall but helps with stubborn people.
  • Myctic spores are immobile, but can be moved by other rules specifically the mawlocs attack.  For me this folds over to other units in the same situation like immobile vehicles.
  • Shadow of the warp doesn't affect psykers in vehicles....weird but ok.
  • Doom of Malanti is sorted out, cover saves allowed and units in vehicles are immune.
  • Lash Whips reduce you to Ini. 1, then you can add any bonus's to that like furious charge or "i strike first" stuff.
Overall the nids FAQ is what i expected, nothing really jumped out as a major change or WTF.  I also think they did a pretty good job overall being clear.

Blood Angels:
  • Oddly they say your model only gets Furious charge bonuses if within range of the Sang. Priest when it makes its attacks in melee...thats strange i would play it as the unit must have been in range before it charged but this is indicating not only later application, but model specific application instead of unit.
  • Baal Predators can use Smoke launchers in their scout moves!  Pretty awesome for preventing alpha strikes when your going second.
  • Decent of Angels only works with jump packs, so your out of luck with that land raider or drop pod. Being a non-Blood angel player that makes me happy.
  • Corbulo wont let you re-roll your first turn or deployment zone dice...which is weird.
Overall the Angels didn't get as many good questions answered, mostly a lot of clarification of things RAW lawyers were pushin.


  1. On the deepstriking all the other units with wings could already deepstrike since they were all classified as jump infantry. The issue was that Harpies/Tyrants where classed as MCs who move as jump infantry which is not clear since deployment is not movement.

    Zoans just following a rule like gets hot. You cause the special effect rule with your power or wargear you take it often.

    It is not Perils it is Shadow of the Warp which means that enemy psykers can now ignore Nid psychic defense by just staying in their vehicles and doing the power out. There is no reason for this ruling to be made except that the Spirit Leech power is similarly worded so they wanted to be consistant but SM pyschic hoods are also similarly worded so whatever justification they have for not letting Shadow of the Warp work on units inside transports should also apply there.

    Also note that furious charge seems to require that you both have it when you charge (see Tyrant Guard Blind Rampage FAQ) and when you attack (Priest FAQ) without actually saying such leaving each new case its own question like the unanswered Tervigon with glands.

  2. good call on the deep strike, a local nid player had complained about them not being able to and cited the SM codex Jump packs as reference, which specifically say in addition to being jump infantry they got to deep strike. I never bothered to look into it further.

    i meant shadow of the warp, not perils, corrected the post thx.

    I follow your comments on the psychic hood, though in practice i'm not sure i would play it that way. Another interesting reflection on this would be eldar runes. imo shadow should work on psykers in vehicles, it doesn't really seem like a focused ability where the wielder needs to be aware of the caster or the ability being cast, more of an area effect for being near a node of the hive mind but whatever GW..