Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Ard Boyz aftermath

'Ard Boyz was this weekend, and boy what a great time it was.  Our local scene is pretty chill overall, but there were still some healthy 'Ard Boyz style lists to be seen.

The exact list will be out later this week, but for now the top three were:
1. Me and my Space Wolves
2. Dan and his Imperial Guard
3. Ron and his Imperial Guard

Dan had a pretty standard guard list, focusing on Artillery with a mind numbing 3 Manticore's, accompanied by all the regular guard vet chimera spam, Inq. W/Mystics ect ect, with a few flavor units thrown in like a small 5 man stormtrooper squad and a sentinel squad.

Ron had a rather different'ish take on it, bringing double Medusa's and a Manticore, accompanied by a diversity of mostly normal guardsmen, some special weapons teams, and double HQ's in chimera's ect.  And of course Inq W/Mystics, Psychic hood, ect.

I brought my Drop podding Wolves, while i for sure use a few tricks of the book and i surely spent a good amount of time changing my list about, i really wanted to stick to a fluffy theme for my force (Heresy for 'Ard Boyz i know...), i was more excited really about the high point's free tournament where i could come get trashed and learn tons about this new army i picked up last month.

So the Theme of my force was just a continuation of my normal points wolves lists i had built, Logan Grimnar leading an elite force drop podding in.  So to keep this theme i made sure all my units could fit in, and so i had 7 drop pods in total, 4 Wolf Guard Packs, and every unit had a wolf guard with only a single exception.  I pulled in two units of scouts, who not only would prove helpful but fluff wise were the "eyes on the ground" who called in the strike force, and it was one of the two scout squads that did not have a WG, as i reasoned the other squads WG was simple the one in charge of ground operations.

Here's the list:

Logan Grimnar
Njal StormCaller
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest

5 Man Terminator Wolf Guard
4 Man terminator Wolf Guard (Njal's Bodyguard)
6 Man Power Armored Wolf Guard, 1 Termie
5 Man Power Armored Wolf Guard (Rune Priests Bodyguard)
8 Man Grey Hunter unit (W/WG)

5 Man Wolf Scouts (W/WG)
5 Man Wolf Scouts

6 Man Long Fangs (W/WG, 5 Multi Melta)
6 Man Long fangs (W/WG, 3 Missiles, 2 Heavy Bolters)

Theres lots of gear in there, and the WG squads are bigger then those numbers as i didnt include the one's sent to other units.  Overall i tried to make every unit "Drop Pod" effective, that being that every unit had the ability to affect the battle field on the turn they came down.  For the most part this worked out well, but Mystics really managed to Crump this strategy well.

The long fangs with missiles/HB didnt do much overall, and are easily the biggest unit that "could have been something else"  though they did have a purpose, they were there for a horde army or if my opponent reserved it all.  If i had faced massed orks or Tyranids, Logan and the wolf priest would swap from the Multi melta long fangs to them to deliver death to a large infantry unit. Or i have heard of Eldar useing a reserve it all strategy involving deniing a few turns of combat essentially then coming in and doing great damage without giving your opponent time to really respond.  I might look into replacing them with another WG unit, maybe with a Cyclone to make up some of the firepower loss but im not sure.

Njal remains an oddity in my list, i had a few games back when i started where he was a star player...but sense then he has been very lack luster.  His storm ability is often out of range or useless, for some reason he tends to overheat or fail his psyker test way more then statistically he should, and he's a bucket load of points.  He was ok in my last game where he negated some psychic abilities, and really his 3+ to negate is the thing keeping him in the list...against Eldar it will be invaluable we just dont have many Eldar players around here.

Overall the best part of my army really was the large number of models, despite it being a VERY elite geared out army.  Often my opponents would be capable of killing my men, but would end up not being able to completely wipe them out leaving a lot of 1 man units running about, still able to capture objectives and table quarters ect.

my opponents were very similar to last tournie....
IG, Chaos, would be really nice to not play so many IG lists at whatever tournament comes next.

One thing i wonder too about the results of our tournament was whether it would have been someone else in second if Table 2 hadn't been Mech guard vs. Mech guard, which means neither is really at a disadvantage because of the crazy anti mech scoring for mission 3.

If you played in 'Ard Boyz, or know how your local tournie went, please indulge my curiosity in the new poll i set up!


  1. Congrats on the win.

    I do find it interesting that you played what basically amounts to your "fun" list in the "cheesy" tournament and won. Granted, you're a good player, but it does seem to indicate that your fun list is a little powerful...

  2. Hehehe... Rob makes me laugh... but hey, 2nd-4th games w/ orks and I got 5th, so I'm happy!

  3. thanks guys

    @Rob yeah my list is powerful, but i dont think it's does pack a lot of melta in and of course the Logan/longfangs drop pad is a pretty awesome trick (though it was FAQ'd so at least it's not rules lawyer trickery =)

    @jeff, i want to play your army! no one seems to play horde lists and i really want to, having little to no experience with them i consider it a weakness and with my army focusing on melta its probably a weakness of my army too. Did you use Ghaz? i heard him + mad loads of boyz is a very popular tournie list.

    I may actually get to go to Semi-Finals....still not sure, and they still havent said where...but if i do i really want to get some more practice in with you guys. I need to play Orks for sure, Eldar for sure and any other tournie geared force.

    check out my new post here soon about changes to my army to make it more competitve.